Our Transport Vans Save Lives!! 

Our campaign goal this year is to purchase two Ford vans. This will allow us to safely and reliably save animals up and down the eastern seaboard and along the gulf coast. While our current Ford vans have been great and have saved tens of thousands of lives, they are now 15, 13 and 10 years old respectively and have reached a point where they should be retired. Every transport  we make saves an average of 40 lives per trip. Our vans have enabled us to be emergency responders in times of natural disasters. Directly following Hurricane Katrina, we took all three vans into the city of New Orleans (not once but five times!) saving hundreds of dogs! We also served as emergency responded in events like Super Storm Sandy and Hurricane Maria, just to name a few. Our vans save lives! They are imperative to what we do and directly impact the lives we are able to save!! 

Every bit helps to contribute to the purchase of our new vans! 








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